The Message is an activation that serves as a launching pad for your lifelong journey of Self discovery, recovery and evolution. The path you walk is up to you.

Everything you need is already within you.

The Message is like a compass for your soul. Let the passages provide perspective about where you’ve been, insight into where you are and guidance for what lies ahead.

Where you are and who you are is always perfect, even when it may not appear to be.

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PRAISE FOR The Message

“The beautiful words of The Message encourage us to awaken to our truest selves, to claim our power as the creators of our lives, to expand our vision beyond what we currently know and to embrace All That Is. Within the pages of The Message you will find the words to guide you from where you are to where you want to be. This is a must read for anyone who has ever said; ‘there must be more to life than this’.”

Allanah Hunt

Manifestation Mentor & Creator of the Abundance Accelerator Program

“More than ever, human beings need to find peace, deeper meaning, reverence…and the courage to love ourselves and each other even more. The Message activates all of this through its direct and powerful words that penetrate the heart and soul as a holy invitation.”

Joanna Lindenbaum

Applied Depth Practitioner Institute

“The Message is a gift in today’s landscape of chaos, disconnection and upheaval.

 We need reliable signposts and landmarks, guides and books to help show us the way back to our true selves. The Message connects us with the truth of who we already really are, what this human experience is really all about, and how we can flow more easily through life as the powerful co-creators we are here to be.

 So, when you feel overwhelmed or caught up in negativity and fear, reach for The Message. It will guide you back to what is important and true.

 When you feel depleted, purposeless or confused, reach for The Message. It will bring you back to your inner knowing and the clarity that you seek.

 When you feel worried, angry or adrift, reach for The Message. It will remind you of what is real and what you need to do to respond to your life from a place of power and positivity.

We’re all in this journey of transformation and evolution together. How beautiful it is that we now have this incredible resource of enlightened encouragement and divine love. Thank you, Julianna, for bringing this beautiful book into the world.“

Alicia Morrow

Visionary Coach, Intuitive Guide, Rebel Spirit, Beauty Creatrix & Mother