Write some copy to encourage people to sign up for your free courses. Focus on the outcomes people will get after taking the course. Focus on how you can connect their current emotions/fears/concerns with the topic of each course. So for love … feeling unloved, rejected, isolated, alone, afraid, unworthy etc. Ask questions and present the courses in a way that allays their fears and allows them to see hope for a brighter future. 

Write a general description for the top of the page (I’ll add an image too) and then descriptions that speak to each course. Let me know what you think of the symbolism I’ve chosen – easy to change.

WHAT IS LOVE? – What God wants you to know about it

If love is all there is and it makes the world go ‘round, why in the hell is it so hard to define?

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the topic of love, you are not alone. We are bombarded with marketing messages and social pressures telling us that we must have love in our lives, and that there are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to show our love to partners, children, friends and family. So it is no wonder that we sometimes feel like we will never be satisfied, or never get it right when it comes to love…even though we know that it is a fundamental human experience shared by people of all ages in all cultures.

In this training I will talk about what love is (and what it is not) and guide you through an experience of what God wants you to know about love. I encourage you to watch the corresponding video and take time to pause, contemplate and revisit the training, taking your time to work through the exercises designed to help you deepen your experience of your own unique expression of love.

TRANSITIONS – A Road Map For Gracefully Navigating Change

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.” ~ Buddha

Making changes in our lives is an exciting, but sometimes stressful time. The transition period between where we are and where we are going is a rich time for our personal growth and self awareness.

The following process can act like a road map to help you gracefully navigate through any transition and arrive fully present at your new “destination.”

Use it before, during or after you have made a big change in your life: moving to a new home or city, ending or starting a relationship, starting a new job or changing careers, working toward a new level of spiritual or emotional mastery…anything that stretches you into a new perspective or way of being or living.

You can do the steps in one sitting or spread them out to best support your unique journey.